The Waverley Paddle Steamer


Paddle Steamer Waverley

Our day on board, sailing from Largs to Arran, 4th July 2013:-

Apparently, the 4th of July is British Independents’ Retail Day (support your independents and buy local).  Sooooo, I decided to exert my independence and take the afternoon off!!  After 13 years of being in business in Largs, and situated just a stone’s throw from the ferry terminal, I can now say I’ve taken my first trip on the beautiful Waverley Paddle Steamer.  Along with my over-excited nephew, Logan, and with his SuperGran in tow, we boarded the ship and set sail at 1315hrs.  With the sun on our faces and a brisk breeze to blow away the cobwebs we headed to Arran via a brief stopover in Millport.  The ship is beautifully preserved and in immaculate condition and Logan was mesmerised at the engine room although it’s a tiny bit disconcerting being at arms length from all that power with only a handrail between you and those enormous pistons.

What was even more exciting was that it was Day 6 of the Fife Regatta as the stunning Kentra powered past us with Cumbrae as a very scenic backdrop.  It truly was a site to see with all those beautiful yachts taking part in the Fast and Fyne race from Portavadie to Largs.

A short stopover in Brodick allowed us some time for lunch, a browse round the gift shops and a quick visit to collect a top-up of fresh chocolates from the Arran Chocolate Factory.  James wished us well for our homeward journey and after 3 attempts at berthing, due to high winds, passengers boarded for the Waverley’s return trip to Largs, arriving at the slightly later time of 1900hrs.

And where did many of them head?  Straight to my shop, of course!!  Logan spent the entire afternoon telling everyone on board that Sugar & Spice is the only place in town where you can buy Stewart’s new shortbread tin beautifully embossed with guess what – The Waverley Paddle Steamer of course!!!

My Dad always said, “You have to start them young!” 🙂