Packed by hand with love.

Boxed chocolates from Sugar & Spice, Largs

It has come to our attention that ALL of our boxed chocolates have been sold WITHOUT ingredients labels. Disaster!!! Santa is most upset with us and has sent a message from Lapland instructing us to rectify this immediately. If you’ve eaten yours already (naughty you!) then you do not need to read any further as you already know what’s in them and maybe, just maybe, if you’ve been a good little boy or girl this year there’s a possibility someone may have bought you another box for Christmas. Think yourself lucky, especially if you have eaten chocolates that were supposed to be a gift for someone else!!!  If you have been very good and have safely stored them away for Christmas Day then the following information is for you:-


Chocolates, of course, but not just your bog-standard, off-the-shelf type of chocolates that were probably manufactured by mass machinery and produced months ago.  No, we’re talking about the kind of chocolates that have been lovingly created by someone who spends all day imagining how to sum up Christmas in approximately 20g a bite.  The kind of chocolate that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you bite into it and it instantly reminds you of your favourite Christmas of all time.

You’ll also find some thought and consideration in the box. We like to make sure you get a selection from our cabinet, however small the box, so you may find some or all of the following:

PRALINES – Sorry, but yes pralines DO contain nuts ground down very finely so that the chocolate is nice and smooth.  You simply HAVE to taste the festive selection so make sure you get there first.

PARISIAN CREAMS – be considerate and save these for your grandparents, this will ensure they leave you something in their will – maybe more chocolates!

MARZIPAN – love it or loathe it, you’ll just have to chance it…ours may actually convert you.

TRUFFLES – wait till you taste the amaretto truffle but you’ll have to guess which one it is…you never know, if you close your eyes, make a wish and believe in Santa then this may be your lucky day.

CHERRY LIQUEURS – these are quite easy to identify as there’s a stalk coming out of them.  That’s because it really is a REAL cherry inside and you have to put the WHOLE thing in your mouth at once otherwise you’ll dribble Kirsch all down your new Christmas outfit.

CHOCOLATE GINGERS – ginger is very good for your digestive system but if you’ve absolutely stuffed yourself then it’s unlikely these will help on this occasion – maybe just have one okay?

LIQUEURS – these tend to be foil-wrapped and similar to the cherry liqueurs so they make a mess if you don’t put the whole thing in your mouth at once.  If you have a full box of these make sure you don’t drink and drive afterwards.

We’ve done our best to think of everything this year but there is one final ingredient we think you should ALL know about:

It’s called LOVE and you can never over indulge on it?  LOVE for what we do and LOVE for YOU, our customers, who keep coming back to us year after year to buy our chocolates no matter what. Thank you ALL very much!

Merry Christmas!

Much LOVE and best wishes for a very happy Christmas from all of us at Sugar & Spice, Largs. xxx

P.S. If by any remotely impossible chance you are NOT happy with your chocolates this year then please email Santa and let him know.  Alternatively, email his little elves with your dietary requirements or personal recommendations with the title “Chocolate Elf & Safety Dept” as the subject heading to info@sugar-and-spice.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do about it for Christmas next year.

PPS Sweet Caroline would like to wish you all the very best of health and wealth in 2015. 😘

Where will YOU do your Christmas shopping this year?



Glasgow? Braehead? Silverburn or even online? Many of us will, but have you considered the impact this makes on your local community? Most of us don’t, unfortunately, which is why I’ve really got behind Small Business Saturday UK this year.


Now in its 3rd year, independent business owners up and down the country are making some noise about this forthcoming Saturday, the first in December, which traditionally kicks off the Christmas shopping spend in the UK.

How much are YOU planning to spend on Christmas this year? As an independent retailer myself for 15 years none of us are asking you to shift your entire Christmas spend to your local high street (we can only dream) but, are you aware of the impact just 10% of your Christmas spend would have on your local community? No, well may I share some statistics with you:

53% of consumers mistakenly think shopping from an independent retailer will be more expensive.

20% of all retail will be bought online by 2020.

Average weekly UK retail spend in Dec 2013 was £8.8 billion.

£1 spent online = 5p circulates locally
£1 spent locally = 50-70p circulates back into your local community which means:

less seasonal, more permanent jobs; lower child care costs as parents don’t have to travel out of town for work; vibrant town centre; improved local amenities; availability of innovative products and services that’s not just another clone town; unique individuality; support for local causes and events and long term sustainability…the list goes on. Eat your heart out Mary Portas!

Largs is now a BID town which means its independent business owners have come together as a recognised Business Improvement District to strengthen, improve and promote what we offer as a unique place to shop, stay or visit. Councils all over the UK are encouraging this process to put control of our town centres back into the hands of the people who best know how to run them – the business owners!

As vice-chair of Largs BID (Explore Largs) I ask all of you wherever you live to consider where you will shop this Christmas AND beyond.

Support your community and yourselves by supporting your local independent businesses.

Think: #ShopLocal and #ShopInLargs

Merry Christmas to you all on behalf of all the independent business owners in Largs

Toni x