How do you make ice cream?

It all starts with great ingredients…Sugar, Milk, Double Cream – and lots of it!!!

First we put all the ingredients into our pasteuriser and blend them all together for a couple of hours, leave it overnight and then we have our basic mix to start the day.

Making ice cream

Toni in the ice cream invention lab making today’s flavour

As you can see we add some extra ingredients, all natural and fruit-based and these are mixed into our base mix and poured into our blast freezer.

The end result is 5 litres of absolutely fresh ice cream which is manually fed into a stainless steel napoli container and hand-mixed with all sorts of goodies such as Oreo Cookies,  Clottted Cream Fudge, Scottish Tablet, Chocolate Chip or Bubblegum Millions.  This is Geraldo’s award-winning artisan ice cream at its very best.

Taste and try, give us your verdict on: