Eggs with the ‘wow’ factor!


Spoil your family and friends this Easter with eye-catching, handcrafted chocolate eggs, Geraldo’s bespoke Easter eggs or some novelty treats for the kids.  There is no doubt that our artisan chocolatiers have gone to town this year with their unusual designs and flavours. Perfect Easter gifts for all the good eggs in your life!

Earlier this year we visited one of our main chocolate suppliers, The Arran Chocolate Factory and got a sneak preview of Jan’s wonderful Easter creations.  These beauties have hopped over the water to Geraldo’s of Largs.  Adults and children alike will love their handcrafted eggs, novelty bunnies and chocolate ducks.  And have you seen James of Arran’s chocolate ‘twins’ on our Facebook page?  Enter our competition for your chance to take them home for Easter.

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We also have really unique Easter egg creations from Stas Chocolatier and the ever-popular Chocolate Alchemist with unusual toppings such as nuts, dried fruit pieces, caramel, popcorn and chilli to add texture and a new flavour dimension to the chocolate. For those of you with food allergies or intolerances, we even have the great tasting Moo Free range of eggs.  You won’t find these in your local supermarket!

With our longer opening hours over Easter, there’s plenty of opportunity to pop in and see our full range of egg-ceptional Easter treats.

Happy Easter everyone!

Arran magic


Where can you find the perfect malt whisky, mouthwatering handmade chocolates and stunning scenery?  The Isle of Arran of course!  The Geraldo’s team had a fabulous and truly informative day out this week to one of Scotland’s most magical islands and what a day it was!

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The Isle of Arran Distillery

After a breezy trip on the ferry, Senior Brand Manager, Louisa Young, accompanied the team to the newly refurbished distillery in Lochranza.  Nestled below the mountains, the distillery is in the ideal location to produce the perfect malt; where the pure water flows into nearby Loch na Davie.  Combine this with Arran’s warm micro-climate, high quality barley and yeast, expertly picked oak casks and patience – up to 18 years of patience – while the wondrous character of the whisky matures.  But as Master Craftsman, James MacTaggart says, “There is no point having good ingredients if you don’t have good people to make it.”  The passion and knowledge that James, Louisa and all of the staff at the distillery have about their whisky is inspiring and it tastes fabulous too. Tours are starting again on Monday, 27th Feb 2017 and definitely worth taking the trip over there to see it. 

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The Arran Chocolate Factory

We all had a warm glow (could’ve been the whisky) as we travelled back to Brodick; spotting golden eagles, deer and seals en route.  The magic continued as we were welcomed by owner James McLehry, and his senior chocolatier Jan, at The Arran Chocolate Factory.  The sweet aroma hits you as soon as you enter the shop.  Jan, who has been making chocolate there for 15 years, gave us a fabulous demonstration on making Easter eggs and some of their delicious hand-crafted treats.  We also got a sneaky peek at some of her wonderful Easter creations.  Watch this space as these little ducklings are sure to nip over the water to Geraldo’s of Largs soon!

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A huge thank you to The Arran Distillery and The Arran Chocolate Factory for hosting our visit.  We all came home much more knowledgeable and enthused about Arran’s warming malts, delicious chocolates and wonderful people.

The Arran Whisky range and James of Arran Chocolates are stocked in Geraldo’s of Largs.  Pop in to find out more from one of our team members.  They’ll have lots to tell you!


Busiest Easter ever in Largs…

If I was better organised I would’ve written earlier in the season about Easter but, as it happens, I suspect it’ll be a long time before Largs has another Easter like this so I’m just getting round to it now.

After several weeks, sorry months, of cold, wet, windy weather the schools broke up for Spring Break and I felt so sorry for all those Mothers in particular who had to get hugely creative trying to fill the days entertaining their young ones indoors. It seemed the rain was never going to go away and it was never going to warm up. As for me, my shop was brimming over with chocolatey Easter treats and shoppers were staying warm and dry and firmly indoors. As Easter was especially late this year it’s usually better for trade however the cold weather deterred even the hardiest of shoppers till the last minute.

At the beginning of the week the forecasters were predicting a warm(er) dry spell for Easter weekend but was it true; could we believe it? Well, you have to be prepared, regardless, so Sweet Caroline and I started making ice cream on Tuesday to back up our freezer stock just in case it was a little drier at least. We even had a day off to relax on Wednesday because the weather was still cold and miserable. Thursday came and Easter gifts started flying off the shelves and there was a sense of optimistic anticipation that it was going to be a busy weekend. Ice cream production went into overdrive.

Then the sun came out in all its glory on Good Friday and boy was it good??!! Everyone and their granny descended on our little town to Explore Largs for Easter shopping, ice cream and a walk along the prom to soak up the rays. And it continued right through the holiday weekend whilst Adam and his merry bunch of men from Mills Dairies supplied us morning, afternoon and evening with milk and cream to keep our ice cream production going.

My award-winning Geraldo’s ice cream cabinet stocked and ready to go!

I’ve never seen the town as busy for a long time. It was like pre-recession days when everyone just wanted to get out and spend some quality time with family and friends. There was so much for families to do with Kelburn Estate organising Scotland’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt. Many arrived on their bicycles and headed over to Millport after patiently queuing for hours for the ferry, despite CalMac putting on additional ferries.

It was glorious to see and a pleasure to serve you. Thank you to everyone who visited Largs and Sugar & Spice and I hope to see you back again sometime soon.