The Best Things In Life…

It’s amazing how sunshine brings out the best in people. What a week we’ve had here in Largs and, indeed, all over the country. With Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon putting the whole country into a state of elation it seemed fitting that we should bask in the sunshine for at least another week.

With temperatures soaring and my air-con units working overtime it’s been all hands on deck managing ice cream production and constant queues. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many happy faces, not just at the site of my ice cream, but I’ve noticed people just being nicer towards other people. Wouldn’t it be nicer if every day was like that? Still, if we’re going to appreciate the good times I suppose the universal truth of life is that we have to experience some bad times too.

So, before the skies cloud over and the rain starts falling why don’t you start today with an attitude of gratitude and take advantage of your feel-good mood?

Give someone a hug; smile at a stranger; phone a friend; give your Mum and Dad a kiss; go for a walk with your family; have a snooze in the sun; tell your partner you love them; laugh out loud and guess what, you’ll remember this day because…

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